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Part 135 Certification Services

ACCG has been a worldwide aviation manual provider for ICAO, EASA, Isle of Man, and FAA compliant manuals for over 20 years. We help you with your certification until completion and beyond.


Getting Started

If you desire ACCG to help you with your Part 135 certification we will need some information about your proposed operation, type of aircraft, and operating areas. Please call or fill out the Company Information Form, and send it in to us. We will give you an accurate quotation and get you started right away.

After the initial interview and we have determined what you will need based on the Company Information Form, we will send you a detailed quote for the project. Normally we accept one half down and the balance is due when the manuals are done and ready for FAA submittal.


ACCG Services; Summary of Events

As mentioned many times throughout the site, you must become thoroughly familiar with the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations and your manuals. We have worked out a process of interaction during manual development that helps you understand both the regulations and your manuals. A typical scenario: After we input the information for your air charter company into the statement of compliance (the first of the large documents), it will be sent to you for review followed by necessary or desired changes. Then that copy is sent to the FAA for their initial review. Should the FAA request changes, and they usually do, the process is reversed so that you remain in the information loop.


Initial Interview

To determine what manuals you will need we have to know what aircraft(s) you will operate, where you plan to fly, what certifications you will need, and a general corporate overview. The corporate overview meaning like flying passengers and cargo to the Bahamas for example. Or perhaps you are starting an Air Ambulance. We can then provide you with a list of the requirments and an estimate for the services. Its best to send us the Company Information Form. Instructions and where to send is on the form.



How it works - Typical ACCG and Customer Flow


FAA Certication Flow GATE 1







FAA Certification Flow Gate 2

Initial and Formal FAA submissions for part 135





FAA Certification Flow Gate 3

Gate 2 of Part 135 certification flow



FAA Certification Flow Gate 4 and 5


FAA Gate 4 Part 135 certification flow





After Your Certified

Air Carrier Compliance Group will provide the necessary documents and guide you throughout your inspections even after your certification is complete; however, you will be closely monitored for about a year to see if you are complying with everything you said you would do in your manuals. You must become thoroughly familiar with all your manuals and the related regulations to do this. Compliance will ensure a good standing relationship with your FAA Certification Team, but most importantly you will fly safe!

Your manuals, your way!

All certification projects include manuals that are custom made to your operational needs.