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Nonessential Equipment and Furnishings (NEF) Program Information





Who does Non-Essential Furnishings (NEF) requirements apply to?

The Non-Essential Furnishings Program (NEF) applies to aircraft operators utilizing an MEL under either Part 91 or Part 135 operations. ACCG provides operators with assistance in obtaining approval of a NEF program.



FAA is replacing the current PCI title in ATA Chapter 25 of all MMEL's with the new term, NEF

Prior to issuance of Policy Letter 116, the FAA Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) provided relief for Passenger Convenience Items (PCI) that limited relief to the cabin, galley, and lavatory areas. Many operators deferred inoperative, damaged, or missing equipment or instruments not located in these areas via means other than the Minimum Equipment List (MEL) or Configuration Deviation List (CDL) (i.e., air carrier internal deferral programs authorized by their maintenance program).

Also see FAA issued INFO on NEF Programs.



Non-Essential Furnishings (NEF) Compliance Dates

The FAA has revised PL-116 to specify that the deletion of PCI provisions in the MMEL and will be extended through April 30, 2008 to allow operators extra time to develop and gain approval of their NEF Programs.



What is included?

The Non-Essential Furnishings (NEF) Program will be designed to meet the FAA regulatory requirements to gain FAA approval.

The fundamental elements for each NEF Program are:

  1. Procedures and processes for identifying items that may be deferred,
  2. Appropriate procedures,
  3. Forms to document inoperative, damaged, or missing items,
  4. Procedures for reporting of deferrals to the FAA office charged with program oversight, and
  5. Procedures for follow-up maintenance, as required

NOTE: Once the program has been approved by your CHDO, your MEL (or MMEL) must be revised in accordance with Policy Letter 116. Additional fees apply.


To order Your NEF

ACCG will need a list of items that you wish to initially include in the NEF list. Download the Customer NEF Item list (below) to order.

Once you have revised the list to your aircraft (NEF's are aircraft specific) email it to us and we will build your NEF program in accordance with your maintenance, and MEL policy and procedures.


For Payment

You can mail a check with your completed form (where to send) or click the by now button below to pay by credit card. If you pay by credit card please email your information form or fax to 561-741-1017. We must have your completed form to complete your manual.

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